The Original Gypsies

We are three original members of the Legendary Gipsy Kings and are excited to be reunited after more than twenty years under the name The Original Gypsies. We are excited to be touring again and releasing another new track in spring 2019 through Universal Music, with an Album recorded in Miami to follow.

In 2018 the French Courts deemed that unfortunately Paul Reyes, Canut Reyes and Chico Bouchikhi can no longer use the name Gipsy Kings. Whilst they reserve the right to appeal, they will abide by the courts’ decision and use the new name of The Original Gypsies.

PAUL REYES, CANUT REYES and with our brother-in-law CHICO BOUCHIKHIare part of the true GYPSY – REYES FAMILY and form The Original Gypsies. When on stage we have 15 world class musicians. Other bands claiming to be the Gipsy Kings are going out with only one or two original members. Paul, Canut and Chico wish to advise their fans that these other bands are NOT The Original Gypsies.  We are planning concert dates for 2019, with a full schedule to be announced soon.

We all look forward to once again meeting our friends for our GIPSY FIESTA CONCERTS and performing all our hits BAMBOLEO, VOLARE, DJOBI DJOBA, A MI MANERA and many more.

We thank you all for your loyal support.

Canut Reyes;    Paul Reyes;     And Chico Bouchikhi